Wendy (tressebleue) wrote in bluebraid,

Members Only

  • Members only.
  • Please join to view entries.
  • Membership will be rejected if you i) use an empty LiveJournal, ii) do not have any icons or iii) do not give any credit for your icons, layout, etc.
  • If you have any enquiries, please read the FAQ.
  1. Credit bluebraid or tressebleue during use of graphics. Comments are highly appreciated.
  2. Hot-linking, as well as stealing and editing of graphics, is not permitted.
  3. All the audio content provided on this site is for promotional purposes only. I highly recommend members support artists and buy the original CDs of the music they like. What members do with the music they download is their responsibility.
Tags: community: rules, mod: important, mod: public
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So excited for this community! :)
Thank you so much! I hope I won't disappoint you! ♥
I sent in a request to be added, thanks ♥
Why was my request rejected? (The icons that I don't have credited are ones I made.)
Oh, I'm sorry. I have invited you to the community again. ♥
Hi, bb!! it's me pinku_13 with a new lj! please accept this new journal!
Hi! here is pinku_13 and corderosa, I promise this is my last account change xD add me again please :)


6 years ago


6 years ago

Deleted comment

Of course! I've just added you. I hope your husband's feeling better!
used to be deiu_deiu, and I would like to join with this account now, since I won't be using that one anymore. :)
i used to be frenchmilk
I'd love to be added ♥
Add me please? :) I like what I see of your icons!

Deleted comment

I usually don't, but seeing as you asked I've already accepted you! I tend not to accept journals that only watch communities because they just lurk around, but you don't seem like you'd do that. :) Welcome to the community! ♥
Hey! I was wondering why my request has been declined? I sure don't post much on my journal but I don't think that's considered an empty journal. As for the icons, they're mine, that's why there's no credit! :)
Hi! I read the rules and I agree with them. I'm going to send a join request now! I'd love to be a member. Thank you very much in advance! :) ♥
Hello! You've been accepted into the community a couple of days ago. (Sorry I just read this comment.)

Welcome to bluebraid! ♥ :)


6 years ago

Hello! I send my request and I would love to join ^^
hope i can be accepted
Hello :) I would love to join the community! Your icons seem so sweet!