katie noël (strawberrys) wrote in bluebraid,
katie noël


This is my first post to bluebraid! Thank you for being patient with me while the community was quiet during the last month of classes.

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Tags: graphics: banners, graphics: icons, type: animals, type: art, type: fashion, type: seasons
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You've done a great job keeping the bluebraid style while keeping your own. Nice batch :)
My favorites are #3, the ocean one, and that flower above the nebula.
Snagged a few, thanks! :)
hello! :) I only just joined this community when the switch in designers was made, but these are lovely! much like what I've seen in previous batches, so thank you very much! :) STAY GOLDEN
this batch is truly beautiful ♥ !
Lovely! Perfect for summer and definitely good for my motivation, ha :)
These are amazing!! :)
These are gorgeous.
Gorgeous icons!
I can't help but save everything (:!
Took the cherry blossom icon. Will credit.
Thank you~
took the flamingos! thanks
Omg, I'm a fan! So, so pretty!
These are absolutely gorgeous and I snagged a load! Your work transitions perfectly from the original icon maker's and is just fabulous. :) Will credit anything I use!
Gorgeous! Took several: stay golden, pink flamingo, water & ocean ones :)
these are so pretty!
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