katie noël (strawberrys) wrote in bluebraid,
katie noël


This is my first post to bluebraid! Thank you for being patient with me while the community was quiet during the last month of classes.

  • Public till next batch; join for more.
  • Credit please, and comments are nice. ♥
  • Hot-linking, stealing and editing are not.
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Tags: graphics: banners, graphics: icons, type: animals, type: art, type: fashion, type: seasons
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Aww. You are doing such a great job with the bluebraid legacy! This are amazing and honestly exceeded my expectations. The icons are great and I especially love the banners! ♥
Thank you! I was really worried about not being able to keep bluebraid like it had been before.
I love them!! Is there any way you could maybe make an icon of those flamingos? I am loving them.
These are lovely! I saved a couple; thank you! =)
BEAUTIFUL work! Saved a few & will credit when used. Looking forward to the next batch, missing this style of icon severely♥
Thanks to your for bringing this work on :)
I love number 12, I am taking and will credit you.
these are great - you did a fabulous job!
snagged a few; will credit when used ♥
i don't know who to credit right now :s bluebraid? or missgreytea? @@
I'd be just fine with either. :)
Beautiful! Saved a bunch with credit, thank you! :)
Lovely! My favorite is the teacup icon XD
Great work! I'm stealing the stay golden icon - with credit, of course!
I simply ADORE beach icons and banners! Therefore I have saved them all. Will definitely credit, as always. Thank you so much for sharing. ♥
Taking the last 2 banners :)
*cries tears of joy*
aw, girl, I'm so ridiculously happy to see this comm running again! </p>

Beautiful batch - I've this thing for banners, and I'm just so happy to see you posting them as well. Thanks so much! I'll be looking forward to more!

Holy crap this is just amazing! Have always loved bluebraid. Happy to see it is still doing amazing after so long of being MIA on lj.

Snagging some and will credit when using.
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